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When you want to grow with Domain Experts & Thought Leaders!




"Mentor to Master, Master to Scale-up!"


Grow systematically, professionally and rapidly too with professional support, guidance, mentoring along with affordable global networking!

RBG launch international Business Summit 2019


RBG Platform

When your business is not set to grow on a rapid pace, you are set to lose and fail soon. A few years back, companies took almost two decades to reach $ 1B valuation whereas recently companies viz Xiaomi,, Apus Group and many more in the list who took only less than two years to the milestone!  What is the secret?

Another observation would have made by many that corporates and tech Start-ups are getting funding in abundance though they do not mark profit!!  What is this paradox?

Remember, investors are not fools!  The real players know which venture is actually profitable!

The valuation of companies, the priorities are given to intangible assets are not even known to many who advise SMEs in finance and accounting!

What do you need to grow is the right platform with right experts, mentors, along with huge global network to grow your business!

RBG Rationale

As we work with Business Stakeholders closely, we know that they want to focus and concentrate on their Business Growth. However, in reality, they get busy with managing day-to-day operational issues. It lead to stress when they realize that they are lagging and not been able to meet their various business goals and business growth plans.

For various obvious reasons, Business Owners cannot even discuss their various issues related to business breakdowns, Business Strategies, Leadership Strategies, Operational Strategies, Financial Strategies and IT Strategies with their friends or family members or even with business friends.

Business Owners, generally do connect with various Business Networking groups and try to get answers or solutions for their various business related issues eventually to witness no right solutions towards success and growth.  Even though they get some leads or references for their business development, they normally do not get total support to address their various business challenges.

When the saga so continues, few realize that they have no other option than to reach out the relevant domain experts and thought leaders to resolve their problems faster than ever, to grow themselves faster.  However, even after reaching a Domain Expert or a Thought Leader they find it not feasible to engage with the expert services because of affordability issues.  In short, whenever they want to reach out to the right Domain Experts or Thought Leaders individually, for certain, they have to spend a lot of time, money and energy for it. This would make such effort impossible and futile.  They thus miss the excellent opportunity to GROW RAPIDLY.

RBG Platform is the most workable and affordable solution to this!

RBG Platform

Evaluator icon.png
The Evaluator
Initiator icon.png
The Initiator
Actuator icon.png
The Actuator
The Axlrator

Evaluation of your business operation methods that suggest the way forward for creating desired business results.  This phase puts you at ease with a lot of clarity and confidence to succeed!

Creating a road map for business success. Here you plan for success the way you want! We guarantee growth in this phase without any unwarranted stress and tension! This phase thrills you with peace, power and profit!

Creating a clear route map for scaling up a business. Be it national or global, this platform guarantees a definite plan that guarantees success as well as growth!

Redefining growth with the Axlrate Model for exponential growth with a definite plan for exiting (optional) and recreating the actual entrepreneurial journey that excites you!

RBG Growth Stage

Four Level Business Growth Stages

Four Level Business Growth Stages.png

In the RBG Platform the organizations are identified under Four Level Business Growth Stages, Start-up, Pick-up, Gear-up and Scale-up, the design of which makes it feasible, possible and quite affordable to address all your business growth challenges. We also understand that the support required at each stages are unique and different.  The team of Domain Experts and Thought Leaders have at least around 20 years’ experience in their relevant domain.

As you know getting guidance and advice from the above domain experts and thought leaders, outside this platform, would cost a fortune if approach them directly.  However, the unique RBG Concept makes it affordable and help you to grow your Business Rapidly irrespective of your status and stage of business.

Remember, every success has a formula, some are known and many are not!  For your business, be known and consciously create your business success and growth!

The RBG Mechanism

Mind Space

Image by Jared Rice

Resources do not bring results!  Opportunities do not give results!  Market need never guarantee sales!  Some of us feel like one needs to be lucky to grow successfully.  Some say that the time is not in favor!  Some very strongly feel that the market is not supporting!  

I would say that time is always in our favor!  Success is energy!   When you vibrate at a frequency that brings you the kind of success you want, you become successful without much effort!  How one can tune to that frequency is the Mind Mechanism!

Market Space

Stock Market Chart

The core of business growth is depending on the market mechanism!  It influences the performance of the capital market.  So, better the market mechanism better the economy will be!  It mainly denotes the science of influencing the behavior of demand and supply.  It can even solve socio-economic problems.

Hence,  it is pertinent to seriously evaluate the business model, price mechanism, business strategies, marketing methods, etc for the success and growth of any organization.  It is not a one-time activity.  It needs to be monitored with proper guidance, support, and direction. It must be in line with the mission, vision, and values of the organization.  From our experience, we observed that most of the SMEs do not study and modify their Market Mechanism.  The proper study, modification, and timely implementation brings-in definite business results.

Money Space

Image by Micheile Henderson

Do you know that the more you spend your money, the less you are accountable for its return!  What does the money mechanism mean?  The money mechanism is very different in business!  It behaves in your favor only when the mind mechanism and market mechanism are in place.  However, that itself will not assure business growth!  The reason being, today's a highly volatile market, and dynamic economy warrants rapid growth!  Here the money mechanism means the capital aspect of it.  It is beyond funding and growth!  Unfortunately, SMEs are rarely aware of this model for various known and unknown reasons!  However, it is time-up to accept, adopt and adapt this model for the sake of the Indian economy. 

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