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Rapid Business Growth Platform

If your business is not set to grow on a rapid pace,

You are set to lose and fail soon!

When you want to grow with Domain Experts & Thought Leaders!



"Mentor to Master, Master to Scale-up!"


Grow systematically, professionally and rapidly too with professional support, guidance and mentoring!

RBG Concept

RBG works on the concept of mastery. The best teacher is a best student too. Without being a best student one cannot be a best teacher! The more you teach, the more you attain the level of mastery. So, when a mentor guides his/her mentee, he/she gets an opportunity to get the next level mastery in what he/she is good at!  The RBG gives you a Platform to do that!  It is also an opportunity to contribute and collaborate as well as to grow at a rapid pace.  Such committed mentors enable the business stakeholder to grow rapidly with their timely involvement, commitment and advice!

When you are in the RBG Platform, you stop searching for leads, you stop searching for prospects, you stop searching for clients, and you do not even run behind customers! The Platform gives you everything, rather you get an ability to create it!

Contact us immediately if you would like to be a Business Yogi® RBG Mentor!  The primary eligibility criteria is that one must be a business owner with a standing of at least 5 years in business.

RBG Features

RBG Rationale

As we work with Business Stakeholders closely, we know that they want to focus and concentrate on their Business Growth. However, in reality, they get busy with managing day-to-day operational issues. It lead to stress when they realize that they are lagging and not been able to meet their various business goals and business growth plans.

For various obvious reasons, Business Owners cannot even discuss their various issues related to business breakdowns, Business Strategies, Leadership Strategies, Operational Strategies, Financial Strategies and IT Strategies with their friends or family members or even with business friends.

Business Owners, generally do connect with various Business Networking groups and try to get answers or solutions for their various business related issues eventually to witness no right solutions towards success and growth.  Even though they get some leads or references for their business development, they normally do not get total support to address their various business challenges.

When the saga so continues, few realize that they have no other option than to reach out the relevant domain experts and thought leaders to resolve their problems faster than ever, to grow themselves faster.  However, even after reaching a Domain Expert or a Thought Leader they find it not feasible to engage with the expert services because of affordability issues.  In short, whenever they want to reach out to the right Domain Experts or Thought Leaders individually, for certain, they have to spend a lot of time, money and energy for it. This would make such effort impossible and futile.  They thus miss the excellent opportunity to GROW RAPIDLY.

To address this gap, BUSINESS YOGI® has the solution!  Business Yogi® is the brainchild of Dr. Sreekumar Vadakkeppat. It is a movement to create a Community of business stakeholders with a mission to continuously transform, create vitality, drive leadership, and strive for excellence in the way they lead their lives and business.

To make it happen he has created a platform called BUSINESS YOGI® Rapid Business Growth Platform and Support Services (RBG PASS) with the support and strength of Domain Experts and Thought Leaders who are available and affordable for SMEs to grow their business!

Four Level Business Growth Stages

In the RBG Platform the organizations are identified under Four Level Business Growth Stages, Start-up, Pick-up, Gear-up and Scale-up, the design of which makes it feasible, possible and quite affordable to address all your business growth challenges. We also understand that the support required at each stages are unique and different.  The team of Domain Experts and Thought Leaders have at least around 20 years’ experience in their relevant domain.

As you know getting guidance and advice from the above domain experts and thought leaders, outside this platform, would cost a fortune if approach them directly.  However, the unique RBG Concept makes it affordable and help you to grow your Business Rapidly irrespective of your status and stage of business.

Remember, every success has a formula, some are known and many are not!  For your business, be known and consciously create your business success and growth!

Grow rapidly with timely advice

by our RBG Domain Experts and Thought Leaders