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About Business Yogi®


Who is a True Leader ?

A leader is one who creates and recreates himself to create his creation. Besides this, a business leader is a resolute stand for an absolute purpose too! No Business Fails when the business leader leads his business from this truth! BUSINESS YOGI® Result Coaching Process ensure this true leadership!

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BUSINESS YOGI® Result Coaching– The Unique Approach

​Knowing more about the system of human being is the only access for attaining miraculous results.   It is not about knowing more or working more on the mind. Now-a-days, too many focus is on mind which neither gives you an access nor have any control for creating higher performance!  Controlling mind or controlling through mind is the most difficult thing to do.  It takes a long time to have control on anything when one goes through the mind-route. However, the importance mind is neither diluted nor denounced.


‘Bypass Your Mind’ is the ‘mantra’ and secret of producing extraordinary results!  ‘Bypass Your Mind’ starts from enhancing your spiritual knowledge through knowing the fundamentals of human being, human life and business.  It is all about knowing and learning the science of human being and the art of being human.  This unique approach produced miraculous results for many and our intention is to give the same to many more business stakeholders!


Dr. Sreekumar Vadakkeppat, the Business Transformation Coach from India, first coined BUSINESS YOGI® during his journey towards business leadership and coaching.

BUSINESS YOGI® stands for Peaceful Space and Powerful Manifestation.  It is a rare breed with a blend of both Power and Peace!  The possibility is infinite with the combination of Power and Peace!

He has also created BUSINESS YOGI® as a movement to create committed business stakeholders who produce extraordinary results in their lives and business.


As per the research of Dr. Sreekumar Vadakkeppat, business failures, delay in getting results, not meeting any business goals, or any kind of business breakdowns is the consequence of lack of space, insufficient energy and the absence of right time!  According to Dr. Sreekumar Vadakkeppat, “One can accelerate the rate of acceleration in business performance, by creating powerful Space, Energy and Time (SET). So “when you get SET, you get set!”. To achieve this, one need to have powerful cognition from the depth of consciousness itself.  He created ‘BUSINESS YOGI®’ to create and deliver this. 

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BUSINESS YOGI® Business Leader is a creator who creates and recreates himself to create a creative space which is dynamic, volcanic and powerful enough by itself to create his creation. Besides this, he is a resolute stand for an absolute purpose too!  No Business Fails, for sure, when a business leader leads his business from these two truths!


As mentioned in his book ‘BUSINESS YOGI® NO BUSINESS FAILS!’, “Leadership is a journey to explore one’s Divine Substance of his/her very existence to fulfil an absolute purpose. A Leader is someone who is a resolute stand for that absolute purpose. It is a journey of exploration, experience, education, empowerment, enrichment, and enlightenment. It is a blessed experience of being blissful. The more you explore it, the more you realize it. The more you realize it, the more you stand for it. The more you stand for it, the more you fulfill it. The more you fulfill it, the more you will be in the world of fulfillment, contentment and blissful. It is much more than just being happy and satisfied in life!”

What one see in a BUSINESS YOGI® Business Leader is a committed business stakeholder with a mission to continuously transform, create vitality, drive leadership, and strive for excellence in the way they lead their lives and business.


BUSINESS YOGI® Result Coaching is such that it intensely, profoundly and ferociously connected to one’s desires which will reconstitute the body, recondition the thoughts, reinforce the intentions and refine the intuitions to manifest those desires.


So, BUSINESS YOGI® is one who

  • Intensely works on the space, energy and time of self itself

  • Is willing to work beyond his reason, comparison and illusion

  • Is one who cause miraculous results in his life and business

  • Lives powerfully and leaves the space with his/her own mark

What is BUSINESS YOGI® Result Coaching?

BUSINESS YOGI® RESULT COACHING is a one-on-one collaborative, intensive purposeful and powerful conversation that which generate and reverberate the Power Within coachee and clear his/her ‘cobwebs’ in achieving his/her business goals with more Clarity, Conviction, Courage and Confidence.  It is a time tested result oriented model where in many experienced miraculous business results.

  Few examples are:

  1. Doubled the Business Turnover within a span of 6 Months!

  2. Rs. 9 Cr turnover reached $ 20 Million in just three years!

  3. 119% increase in business turnover in 7 months’ time!

  4. 354% increase in sales turnover in 10 months!

  5. Became a Global Organization in 8 months!

  6. Doubled sales turnover in 32 days!

  7. ​Came out of a dodgy partnership breakdown in one week and started own Company in just two months! and many more …

In BUSINESS YOGI® Result Coaching, we believe that whatever you have by nature would come to you naturally.  Rest you need to nurture to make it your nature! However, whatever you are naturally capable of, whether it is dormant or dominant, is more than sufficient to create miraculous business results!

Who needs a BUSINESS YOGI® Result Coaching?

BUSINESS YOGI® Resulting Coaching is required for those

  1. Who is up to something bigger than what is anyway possible

  2. Who are aware that there are unknown barriers to make it possible what is impossible

  3. Who encounters breakdowns in business but do not know the how and why factors of such breakdowns.

Why BUSINESS YOGI® Result Coaching?


As Paul Veyne opined, “When one does not see, what one does not see, one does not even see that one is blind!”


It is natural that business stakeholders take risk during the course of their business.  They feel challenged because they have taken on something challenging. Being a human being, it is quite common to become dismissive and deleterious. But, when you are in business, you have no business to be negative and become blind! The Business Yogi® Result Coaching makes you recollect, remember and resonate with what you have forgotten about who you really are and what you are up to!


So, the sole purpose of Business Yogi® Result Coaching is to educate, empower and enlighten people so as to enable them to enrich their values and establish what they always dream about achieving!  In the process, the Business Yogi® Result Coach will tell you the truth, show you the truth and make you experience the truth which is not in your vicinity and visibility.

When one needs BUSINESS YOGI®

Result Coaching?

Fundamentally, whoever has a challenging goal needs a Coach!

Many business owners do not achieve their goals or experience delay in achieving it! Many have business plans in place, but business doesn’t happen as per the plan! Many do take actions as per their plan to achieve their goals but most times actions do not give them the result!  Why one encounters this phenomenon?


Those experiences the above are ignorant about few universal truths. The major eight truths are,


  1. You are not designed to achieve your goal!

  2. The locus of focus is always out of focus!

  3. Your mind never mind what you mind!

  4. Your patterns are the paranoid and source of all business breakdowns and problems!

  5. By choosing your road, you choose a destination that is outside of your current awareness!

  6. Action doesn’t give you the result!

  7. Being integrated to integrity is integral for peace, power, and progress!

  8. 80% business success  comes from 20% spiritual knowledge