Books Authored by Dr. Sreekumar Vadakkeppat

​​Business Yogi® No Business Fails

Another International publication, published in the US in the year 2017!

This was his first book which Dr. Sree Co-authored with 12 leaders across the world. 

"DARE TO DREAM" is the saga of personal challenges, achievements, and accomplishments of 12 Experts, from around the world!

Making mistakes is not bad if we are ready to learn from our mistakes. We make fewer mistakes when we learn from others’ mistakes. In such cases, it not only reduces the distance to success it becomes the route to success. The author starts with a mistake and skilfully turns it around as a route to success! Nine mistakes become nine clever ways to sure success!

Mistakes are done by those who play games bigger than themselves!  The book is a study on mistakes done by such people, the business owners! They make mistakes while strengthening their venture.  The author, being a Business Transformation Result Coach, enable the business owners to see their mistakes well in advance! It empowers them to take action with more clarity and intensity. This book is a culmination, learning, insights, and conclusions from such mistakes. Moreover, it also covers the excerpts of the interviews the author had with a few business owners and entrepreneurs, to ratify his conclusions!


In all sense, the book is most valuable for Start-up and SME business owners and entrepreneurs to take their business to the scale-up mode with less or no mistakes!