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Business Leadership Mentor, Coach, Speaker and Author

Dr. Sreekumar Vadakkeppat, the Business Mentor, International Author, Speaker, and an ICF Certified Coach from Bangalore, India is known for his popular Brand BUSINESS YOGI®

He is a Business Transformation Coach and has been in the Coaching industry for more than 18 years. His forte is in doubling the sales turnover within six months without adding any resources!  His result-oriented work in transforming businesses made him the recipient of an Honorary Doctorate in Business Leadership & Coaching with a specialization in Organization Transformation. 

He has received International Recognition for his Outstanding Value Creation in Transforming Lives from GoGlobal Business School, Singapore. 

Considering his achievement in business leadership as well as the difference he made to the business fraternity through his business and leadership coaching and mentoring the popular 2.0 Conference bestowed him the Outstanding Leadership Award at the Internet 2.0 conference in Dubai on Dec. 2022.

He is in the top 10 Most Promising Business Coaches - 2020 and the top 10 Most Promising Leadership Coaches - 2020 by SiliconIndia Magazine, the news portal that has a global ranking of No.4 in the IT News & Media category!

The unique blend of spiritual science and business leadership intelligence in his coaching as well as his business acumen that witnessed business success through his unique business leadership models and frameworks made him an undisputed authority in business coaching and leadership transformation.

The SME and Start-up community know him as the Business Yogi and recognize him for his unique ability in creating unprecedented business results within a short span of time.

He works closely with his clients, especially on sales revenue and business growth.  He strongly believes that high degree of cash-flow capability through sales is more important before going for scaling or funding!  He enables and enhances his coachees' ability in creating incredible business results through connection, conviction, and direction!  He could easily ignite, initiate, and install one’s bio-energy through his unique 3-Dimensional  Approach in Coaching to manifest the desired business results!


His latest techniques Business Yogi® HABIT-Y NOTE (Health And Business Improvement Techniques - Yogic way - Need Of This Era) and Business Yogi® BLISS are a unique combination of spiritual science and business intelligence encompassing simple Vedic practices that culminate in achieving business goals!

His current research is in Business Astrology and already produced incredible results with his clients using business astrology in transforming businesses.

As a Global Business Mentor at Axlrate, he is helping organizations to go global.

To get a sense of his coaching & mentoring method we invite you to read his Amazon Best Seller Book BUSINESS YOGI® NO BUSINESS FAILS!