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Experience the magic of Business Yogi® Multi-Dimensional Leadership Coaching!


When you are here, you are the special and chosen one by the Almighty!


Applying the Science of Success and Growth

At the Business Yogi House, there is something unique in business coaching!  We believe that you are the whole and soul of business and thus need to awaken the Business Yogi in you to handle any kind of situation that comes in your way!  Enriching your intelligence is given primary importance to enhance your intellect.  You will be capable of questioning the fundamentals, creating a new foundation, and building capabilities to enhance profitability and scalability!  However, what is most important is getting clarity faster than ever to act faster than ever so that you get results faster than ever.  Here is the importance of spiritual practices that are tailor-made to you to achieve your business results.  Let us look at the most important such practices here;


A simple 10-minute spiritual ritual to set right your business!


As a professional in my field, I provide professional, creative, and results-driven strategies to help your business to grow. See the full range of scientific solutions, and get in touch to find out how I can help.

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One more spiritual practice that takes less than 15 minutes to manifest any kind of business results you want!


This is different from the usual mediation.  I call it the Single-Thought Meditation.  You will experience that it is easy to practice and doing it on a daily basis you will be proud of yourself in your business and the way you are leading your business.

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Another most simplified spiritual practice to get faster transformation in different areas of business! 


Business success and growth are at your fingertips!  Use the universal energy to get the kind of breakthroughs you want for your business.  Do it to believe it as per the guidance of Dr. Sree. 

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Intensive guidance to understand and practice the Law of Least Effort to get the results faster than your expectation!

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According to me, the truth is that one believes in astrology due to astrology and one not due to astrology!  It is a science for prediction, correction and protection!  Protect your business using Business Astrology!

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Become a super coach to create super performers!

"The role of the manager, in short, is becoming that of a coach."  This recommendation is coming from none other than the Harvard Business Review issued in December 2019!  It says the leader must be a Coach as the 21st Century Managers do not (or cannot) have all the right answers!  It made us remember that yesterday's victory does not ensure success today or even tomorrow.

The first step to becoming a leader is becoming a coach!  The first step to becoming a Coach is getting coached!  In BUSINESS YOGI® Personal Business Coaching you are not only getting coached to create incredible business results but also to become a Coach!


HBR emphasizes that "coaching is becoming integral to the fabric of learning culture!"  Managers and leaders at all levels must 'develop and deploy' the skill of coaching as a leadership tool.  Each manager and leader is a coach.  Gone are the days of commanding, controlling, and instructing!  More than guiding, the leader must enable their staff to get self-empowered and being highly accountable in their work.

In short, you are at a competitive disadvantage even though you are a business leader but not a Coach by yourself!

Becoming a BUSINESS YOGI® Business Coach is the most inspirational journey you can ever have in your life!  It is a journey of enlightening your core being and a true leader in all senses!  When you are ready to become a Coach go through the simple three steps given below!

Business Yogi Business Coaching to create breakthroughs in different aspects of your business!

Double the Turnover in 180 Days


Discover new ability to increase your business turnover in 6 months time without adding any resources

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