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Business Leadership Mentor, Coach, Speaker and Author

Media Recognition

10 Most Promising Business Coaches 2020

SiliconIndia Magazine selected Dr. Sreekumar Vadakkeppat as the 10 Most Promising Business Coaches 2020.  Their views about business growth and business coaching are quite apt to the current scenario!

Silicon India Magazine, India edition (SiliconIndia is the top business and Technology print media) says, "In today's digital era, it becomes what is portrayed in a company's official website the main thing for acquiring customers. And who knows it better on how to establish a connection with the customers in the digital forum other than a guided and coached business owner."  It is so true that a guided and coached business owner has more clarity in leading his business to success and growth!  

The Business & Technology Print Media Leader reinforces that "Business success doesn't come easily and it is near to impossible without proper coaching. Therefore, business coaches are vehemently required in achieving the cherished dreams or setting the visions and map-ping the path."  

International Recognition

Outstanding Value Creation in Transforming Lives

Dr. SREEKUMAR VADAKKEPPAT is passionate about transforming the lives of people. He has been relentlessly doing it since 2004.  He has touched many lives and transformed it too with profound affection and compassion.  Realizing this truth, GGBS (Singapore) came forward to recognize him and awarded the Certification of Recognition for Outstanding Value Creation in Transforming Lives on the 28th day of May 2020!

Corporate Recognition

Shikshaka Ratna Award

Dr. SREEKUMAR VADAKKEPPAT was much appreciated and acknowledged for his result-oriented work in organization transformation and conferred with Shikshakaratna Award in a function organized by M/s. Exide Life Insurance Ltd.

University Recognition

Honorary Doctorate in Business Leadership & Coaching

SREEKUMAR VADAKKEPPAT was conferred with Honorary Doctorate in Business Leadership and Coaching with Specialisation in Organization Transformation by Indian Virtual University for Peace and Education* (Accredited by India Accreditation Council Regd, Under UNO, Geneva) for his work, research, and contribution in the field of BUSINESS LEADERSHIP & COACHING for Organization Transformation.  The Doctorate was presented by Dr. Pratap Singh Tiwari, the Former Vice-Chancellor of Gulbarga University.

The Convocation was on 14th October 2017 at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Bangalore.

*Indian Virtual University for Peace and Education is a Unit of Council for Lifelong Learning regd. under NITI Aayog, Government of India. 

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