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  • Why Business Yogi® ?
    In some of the recent findings about the neuroscience it says that our brain has already initiated the process of an action three tenths of a second before our conscious mind became aware of it! If all our actions have already been initiated what is the kind of control we have on it? You will see that any kind of training and action are insufficient to have a breakthrough performance. So, it is critical to influence our thoughts, our mind, our brain, our self in a way that facilitate to take those actions which you have not been taking so far or not even aware of it. When you take such new actions you will have breakthrough results! You are then enabled to perform to reach the next level. Business Yogi® facilitates you to identify and get the access to perform so as to reach the next level. In this process, you will realize that the access for excellence is never in the arena where you think it is. Business Yogi® would enable you to gain newly realities in your personal and professional lives.
  • What is Business Yogi® ?
    Business Yogi® is a series of Leadership Coaching & Mentoring (LCM) sessions. LCM is a process to create excellence in life. It is beyond the usual improvement and betterment. In this process you would also be asking questions to yourself which was never asked and find answers in your own way, all to unearth the buried barriers and generate whole new perspectives to achieve what you want in life.
  • How does Business Yogi® Business Coaching happen ?
    ​It normally happens as a face-to-face session, once in evey week or two. We also do over telephone or skype for outstation and global clients. We also do online Business Coaching to the clients who are at different parts of India or abroad.
  • How long will it take ?
    It depends on the nature of the assignment and the results you are looking for? The duration may be three months to twelve months. However, The more you go through, the more you find it useful.
  • What is the fee for Business Yogi® Business Coaching ?
    The fee is depending on the nature of the assignment and the duration too. However, it will definitely be affordable to you! The Fee for Group Coaching has already been announced. To know more about Group Coaching, please contact us.
  • What is the duration for each sesion ?
    Each session would long for one hour to maximum two hours. To know more, please contact us.
  • Where does the coaching normally takes place?
    At our office or at the preferred venue of the Client. We have five different offices across Bangalore.
  • Is it possible to have coaching sessions through SKYPE or over phone?
    Yes, of course!
  • What benefit I would get from Business Yogi® Business Coaching ?
    You can get any benefit that you are committed to have through coaching. Few of the benefits could be; MULTIPLY YOUR sales turnover, productivity, profitability, employee satisfaction etc. You can have more time, money, happiness, satisfaction, creativity, energy, peace for yourself. More over you can be somebody daring, courageous, clear too....
  • Is it training or consulting ?
    No, It is neither training nor consulting. Training and consulting happen in the left brain whereas Business Yogi® Business Coaching activates your right brain. Training and Consulting happens in the knowledge domain whereas Business Yogi® Business Coaching happens in the unknown domain. Training and Consulting happens in the logical plane whereas Business Yogi® Business Coaching happens in the higher consciousness plane. Moreover, Business Yogi® Business Coaching relieves one permanently from the business stress and impediments much faster than training and consulting, with long-standing business results
  • What is Business Yogi® Business Coaching?
    Business Yogi® Business Coaching is a one-on-one collaborative and intensive conversation which would clear away the coachee's cobwebs in achieving his/her business goals with more Clarity, Coviction, Confidence and Courage.
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