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Mastermind Group


When Result Matters the Most!



Be a Leader in action with more vigour and rigour!


What differentiate a business leader is an act of courage to be accountable for the business deliverables!  Primarily, you exist for your existing customers!

What is Business Yogi® Mastermind Group?

The source of any issues, breakdowns and concerns in business arise out of unknown or unforeseen business leadership challenges. Not foreseeing and powerfully handling such challenges on time is disastrous for business success! However, it can easily be transformed by a catalyst who are committed and stand for such transformation. The Business Yogi® Mastermind Group act as a catalyst for your business growth.


What differentiates a business leader is an act of courage to be accountable for business deliverable! Whether it is a customer, vendor or staff, he/she is authoritative, powerful, clear and amazingly confident in communicating and creating what he/she wants in business.

Why Mastermind Groups are Successful?

  • Have a definite purpose with a spirit of harmony

  • Focus on business results and growth

  • Enhance accountability which is integral for business growth

  • Learning from peer business owners and an invaluable support network

  • Think Big environment which is essential for business scaleability

  • A safe space to share business confidential issues and get support from peer business owners

  • Great space for profoundly and powerfully connecting with people

  • Space for genesis of unique business solutions

"If you always do what you have always done,

you will always get what you have always got!"

- Henry Ford

The Facilitator

  • International Author of the AMAZON Best Seller Book - "BUSINESS YOGI® NO BUSINESS FAILS!"

  • Honorary Doctorate in Business Leadership and Coaching with specialisation in Organization Transformation

  • Business Result Coach to double the Business Turnover in 6 months

  • Business Leadership Speaker


  • Free entry to participate in the monthly Business Leadership MASTERCLASS


  • Special consideration to participate in the Business Yogi® Business Coaching Programs


  • Very special consideration to be part of the Business Yogi® 100 Crore Club!

An opportunity to create leaders around you!

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