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Go for Business; Grow more Business



"It works even when one is hopeless!"


Whether things are not happening in your favour or you are hungry to grow at a faster pace, Masterclass is the right choice for you! Know more about the

Business Yogi® Dormant within you!

Business Yogi® MASTERCLASS

Go for Business; Grow more Business

Business Yogi® MASTERCLASS is the space for you to get mastery in scaling up your business. As Dr. Sreekumar says, "Business is a science to start-up, mathematics to pick-up and an art to scale-up!"

MASTERCLASS is the support structure for the SME business Owners to keep the conversation of experiential growth alive as well as creating space and energy conducive for such growth.


Creating a space where business bloom and boom!


Thriving business opportunities, contribution to people, organizations & society and having vitality in leading life and business



The game is to go beyond your notion to grow beyond your Nation! It is a game of experiencing life in life and business in business.


To initiate, instill and inculcate SME Business Stakeholders to have more courage, confidence and clarity in creating new business possibilities and ever growing business opportunities for continuous business growth.

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