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Coaching Program

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When Leadership Matters the Most!



"Blame to Bleed or Learn to Lead!"


The Coaching Programs designed for business stakeholders to ensure business success!

Coaching Program - Video Testimonials

Business Yogi® Business Success Coaching Programs

Testimonials from Previous Coaching Programmes

“Mr. Sreekumar is an excellent Coach with lot of patients to listen. What he coaches with facts, if followed and put in action, religiously “business never fails!”


M/s. First Resources

“I came with a little sceptical in mind on what this coaching all about is. But going back with the mind that positive attitude about my business with new enthusiasm.”

Vasanth Hegde

M/s. Kalpa Technologies Inc.

“The two day programme went off like a 2-hour Programme. I am writing it confidently that this Programme is the best Programme I have ever attended till date. I am amazed at the knowledge and power Mr. Sreekumar has acquired in terms of the syllabus. Definitely a Program worth a 100 Billion Dollars and looking for more programmes from him to come.”


M/s. Spirit Fit

“For the past few years I am planning to set up a business and make it profitable. Today with Sreekumar’s excellent and aspiring coaching I am able to get clarity on Business Plan.”

B R Guttal

M/s. ON Semiconductors

“The Programme is a great tool in to gain insights not just in selling but it gives you tip on how to go about different instances in life. Loved it!Great start for anyone looking for a Coach.”

Mathew Mammen

M/s. i-Vista Digital Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

“This Programme help me to realize my strengths and weakness and overcome the hurdles in my business by altering my thinking pattern.”


M/s. Trumarx

“I am rearranging my working (business) model with right people.”

S. Raju

Katsu Coffee Pvt. Ltd.

“The programme got me grooved to my seat and make me ask some hard questions to myself what is the game that I am really playing? Who and What am I really committed. It opened up new avenues of thinking.”


M/s. Kromaspects SciTech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

“I found the workshop very informative and have been impressed with the knowledge and delivery from Mr. Sreekumar. I would recommend it highly to all entrepreneurs who are looking to take a leap into their business.”

Rajesh Pandey

M/s. Bridal Safari Pvt. Ltd.

“Got a very good and nice ideas and much more knowledge about business. Mainly got spirit to do anything forward. Thankful to all who had made this day beautiful and good.”

T R Harsha

M/s. Rathnapuri Institution

“Mr. Sreekumar has a unique style of coaching. He is straight forward, simple, funny and has wonderful insights about business transformation. I have learnt from him a lot and continue to learn from his deep knowledge and experience. I would recommend him to any business owner working to transform his business or even himself.”

Rajesh Pandey

M/s. Bridal Safari Pvt. Ltd.

“This programme had helped me to see my Vision and Mission about my Company and focus on the goal. It gave me clarity in what I am doing now and what I want to be in future.”


M/s. Trumarx

“By attending this Seminar I came to know the depth of the business. Sreekumar conducted this programme in such a simple way so now I am feeling to do my business by taking his guidance and this Seminar helped me to do so many basic steps that I can take.”

Keerthi B Guttal

Start-up Company

“It is an excellent structured programme which enables you to crack frame work of your organization.”


M/s. Epro Manpower Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

“Business Plan – making one was very unclear......Now there is clarity on what I have to work on which is a big relief for me.”

Rejin M Jayarajan

M/s. Enticing Flowers Private Limited

“Got a lot of clarity, my confidence increased. When I came to know that I am going on right track I really wondered. 'Winning is all about...' was the new light. 'Take action and have.....' this one line came as a new pathway.”

Smitha Bhojan

Yes Be Investments

“This Programme has motivated and given insight about Business Plan and Business is based on people and not on oneself.”

M Bhojan

New Venture Start-up

“The Programme was interesting, the content was simple.”

Vineet Murarka

M/s. Vinraa Technology LLP

Instant positive impacts & change

​“I am confident that my sales shall soar to 400% in no time.”

“It is a goldmine and I have taken enough gold to build my Empire.”


“Listen & create opportunities”


“Increased revenue.”

“Shifting focus”


“Financial condition will improve”


“Clarity in my business”


“I can increase my productivity easily and increase my Sales Turnover.”


“Change in my thinking pattern.”


“Clarity in my business.”


“100% value to change my game.”


“Purpose and Targets are very clear.”


“Improvement in sales and team is motivated.”


“Increase my business and enjoy being an entrepreneur.”


“Focus on the outcomes and redefine my targets.”


“Improve in personal and business goal achievement.”


“Using it to create goals and networks to help achieve them.”


“Think differently and take actions.”


“Creating community for workability in achieving targets/goals that we set.”


“Work towards growth without reasons.”


“Looking from the customer point of view and also the business for community and others.”


“To create productivity team and coach the employee to work as one community.”

“Rediscovered the vision.”


“Create a Business Plan with Sree.”


“Redo the Business Plan and work out the strategy.”


“More clarity, direction and focus in the business.”


“I got clarity and focus.”


“I can increase my business turnover and double it faster.”


“It will help me reach my goals faster rather than one day and some day.”


“I realized that about 97% potential clients are with me.”


“I will be coming out with realistic business model.”


“I got clarity on business plan and business plan pit falls.”


“I have got a proper structure.”


“It changes everything.  Now I can clearly think.”


“I am fearless to make that forecast which is 100% higher than present.”


“Business Plan itself is clear; Execution becomes easier; Less unknown!”


“Documentation about Business Plan.”


“Dealing with existing risk.”

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